Garth Brooks streaming on Amazon Music

Today was exciting news for me! But before I get any further, there may be something you should know about me. I am a HUGE Garth Brooks fan. At 23 years old, only being a kid when Garth came around the world the first time, I have been a big fan for over 10 years now.

That being said, today Garth Brooks and Amazon announced a partnership to stream Garth’s music for the first time ever! To those who don’t know, Garth hasn’t been in the digital game much, and has been missing out on a lot of sales and publicity because of it. Now, reading around my favorite forum,, a lot of fans either are happy to have Garth in the streaming game at all, or wish he’d have chosen Apple Music over Amazon.

My thought? I am happy that Garth is in the game at all. I am also an avid user of Amazon, and that may sway me a little to liking this more than the average person, who uses Spotify or Apple Music to stream music. I will not be streaming Garth’s music, however, because I already own everything he has put out, including both original box sets, the Blame It All On My Roots box set, the Entertainer DVD set, and the newest album, Man Against Machine. Needless to say, I do not need to stream Garth’s music.

For those who may be Garth fans, but are not interested in buying all of his albums to get one song, this may be a good alternative for you. Unfortunately, you will not, at this time, be able to buy the songs alone, you have to purchase the entire album. That is Garth’s doing, and I don’t foresee that changing anytime soon.

As far as I can tell, not ALL of Garth’s albums are available to stream quite yet. However, the Double Live album and the new single are available to stream right now. I will post the announcement video below from Amazon Music’s YouTube page.

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