Love, and things



Something on my mind lately…you guessed it! Love, and things.

By that I mean, I think about love a lot. My failures with it, and my thoughts on it. I’ve tried my hand many times at love. I’ve never been great at it. Hell, I’ve never even had a real girlfriend. My experience with it is just the heartbreak of it.

Now, my views on it have been pretty simple. People only care about looks. That’s what I have believed, and what I somewhat continue to believe. In my life, I’ve been turned down because of my weight, I’m a big guy. I got used to it. I’ve also been turned down for the simple fact that they just didn’t feel the same, no matter how hard they tried or wanted to. I respect and understand that. You can’t force it.

So, what is this post about? This post is about me telling anyone who feels or has had the same luck as me, that it will be okay. Something I am told by everyone all the time is, life has a way of coming back to you and giving you what you need or desire. We just have to play life’s game first, and it’s not always going to be easy.

Of course, I’d love to be with the girl that has had my attention for the last five years. But, I can’t force her to love me. She was my best friend, and a lot has happened, but at the end of the day, it is what it is.

Here’s the thing, you don’t have to be happy about it. You don’t have to be happy about every little thing life gives you. Learn to be happy about yourself first. That’s what I have learned will bring happiness everywhere else in life.

That is what I’ve decided to do. I am going to work on loving myself before I try loving someone else. No matter how long it takes.

So that’s my advice on this post. If you’re looking for love, and things — have patience. Happiness will come. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but someday it will.

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