The Walking Dead, Season 7, Episode 1

First of all, if you are NOT caught up on The Walking Dead at this point, do not read any further.


To start off, this episode was very powerful. I enjoyed the meaningfulness of this episode, and how it opens a whole new world for the characters. I love The Walking Dead, and have since I saw the very first episode.

The deaths in this episode were strong, and emotional to all die hard fans. Abraham, even though only being on the show for a little while, was a character we always counted on being there whenever the rest of the gang got their backs in a tight spot. He was always there for them to count on to save the day, in the same way Rick is. He will be very missed on this show, and I am glad we got to know the character as much as we did.

Glenn’s death…this death got to me. After the close call in the last season, I thought maybe he made it. I don’t read the comics, so I knew nothing about it being planned. My second thought on Glenn’s death, is I don’t know who else it could have been. Daryl is such a strong character and has much life left on the show, and without Rick, and everyone else for that matter, the show seems to stop. Glenn dying is sad, but I feel like him dying had to happen at some point. Maggie is a strong woman, and will carry on, as best as she can, and I think will end up being the next leader if Rick can’t seem to find his way again.

Speaking of Rick, the way Negan was able to get into his head, amazed me. It was such a powerful showing to us, the audience, in letting us know that this guy has gotten into Rick’s head and is in very much control of him. So to speak, he has Rick by the balls. I mean, I know if it were me and someone told me to cut off my kids arm, I couldn’t do it. But he was going to, just to save everyone else. And Carl was okay with it! Carl knew that if he didn’t, everyone would have died, and everything would have been for nothing.

So that brings us to the rest of the season. It is ONLY episode 1, and it feels like so much has happened. This season, I feel, will be very intense, and very violent. The violence in this episode amazed me. Parts were hard to watch, especially with Glenn’s eye. I had to turn away for a moment to process that.

I hope everyone sticks with me this season, and the next 15 episodes to find out how this season will end and where we are when it comes to a close. This episode will stick with us through the remainder of the show, no matter which season we are on, and will be a reminder that no one is safe, and everyone can be “put in their place.”

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