I Broke Up with Verizon

What can I say, I feel like posting tonight.

I have had Verizon Wireless for a number of years now. I’ve been happy with them, until recently. I’ve noticed they are raising their data prices and are taking more money from me. Now, to have a single line with Verizon, with a decent amount of data, you’d probably spend $180-200 a month. Now, if you can live without extreme amounts of data, that’s awesome, and they may work for you.

I use data everywhere. I like to be able to watch/listen to Netflix in my car while driving a long distance, or stream music from Amazon. I had 24GB on Verizon, sharing it with one other person. I did have an iPad as well, as a couple other phones for my grandpa and another friend that they ended up not using it. My total bill a month was around $400-500! That’s insane. I started looking into other options, when I came to Sprint.

Now, I’ve heard a lot of bad things about Sprint. Granted, take into account I used to live in an area that Sprint had no service. People moving from the city down to that area, complained. Moving to the city, I realized I have options. Sprint has an unlimited data plan. I’m not worried about them slowing it down or anything, so I don’t want to hear about that.

I walked into Sprint, told them I want to switch. They greeted me with open arms. I ported my Verizon number, seamlessly. I got the new iPhone 7 Plus 128GB model for $100 down, and with their unlimited data, plus the new iPad I got, I am going to be paying around $130-140 a month! It is a little on the high side, but unlimited data. I won’t complain.

I am so far, happy with Sprint. Even in the little town I used to live in, I got extended LTE. Everything worked fine. That’s my experience so far, if it changes, I will let you know.

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