Let’s Talk About Love by Danny

Hello everyone! I recently reached out to a good friend of mine, Danny. He has a lot of good views on love and things. He’s had experiences which I feel would be good content to add to my blog. I’ve asked him to write something up, anything he wanted to talk about, so I could post it on my blog for you guys to all read. I am going to try to make this a weekly thing as well. Disclaimer: I did go through and edit this before posting for any grammatical errors, but did not change the content of the writing. download

Greetings everyone! As requested by Scott Stearns himself, I am here to leave a meaningful message hopefully at least once a week. What I hope to do is give every one of you some insight that may hopefully help you overcome your obstacles. Before getting started, I would like to personally thank Scott for reaching out to me for this request that I am honored to do.

So, today I would like to talk about love. The thing about love is, there is no such thing as perfection, and love is both powerful in a positive AND negative depending on the actual circumstance. First, let’s talk a little bit about the positives. Love is one of the most powerful energies that lingers within each soul who walks this land. Its power can grant us the option to not only find our soulmate, but it can save a life that may be fading. Giving everyone around you some love can make all the difference in the world for them, even if it’s something very simple. For example, one fading soul may be close to their breaking point, and naturally, you see them, walk over to greet them, ask them how they are; or maybe you ask them if there’s anything you can do for them? A lot of people feel they must go all out all the time just to help a person, however often they can forget that it’s not always about the big things, but the little kind things can make a giant difference.

Now, let’s touch base on the negatives of love. Some people may disagree with this statement, and that is perfectly okay, for everyone has their own beliefs. Many people do love a person very much, but the other person doesn’t exactly feel the same…but they may end up leading you on an endless road of hope. Deep down there really isn’t an actual chance to share this love. I myself have been on this road in the past, and I know a few of those I love are still there, They feel like they aren’t good enough for anybody. The thing about it is guys, is you can get yourself out of that situation, because with time and patience, you will finally meet that person you are supposed to be with forever. But first, you need to learn to love yourself. It’s like Ru Paul said on TV, “How in the hell are you gonna love someone else if you can’t even love yourself?” Ru Paul is exactly right, because love only can work if you love both ways. If you are on this path, and that person is nowhere near sharing love with you, then you have got to try and move forward with your life. I know, that doing that is not at all easy, but you got to realize, you need to do what’s best for you. Staying on that path can only lead you to more negative love/energy.

My advice in that situation, is to seek a new door to open, and begin walking a new path. Is this giving up on love? Of course not! In fact, you still carry that energy, but you found your true strength to help you move onto a fresh start. How exactly did you do it? I think that all the love that surrounds you from your family and friends can be a huge contribute. Just remember, don’t ever completely give up you guys. I know how discouraging this can be because I have been there, but one thing we do tend to forget is everyone else around us who surrounds us with their own loving energy. Does this all mean that everything will change immediately? No, of course not. Does this mean you never will find your way? Absolutely not! Love takes a lot of time, patience, and work. But one big problem is that a lot of people just give up because they fear things will never improve, or they feel like they don’t deserve any better… but you’re wrong… it’s just like A Cinderella Story, “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”

Keep on going everyone. You got this. Before concluding, I want to say that if there are others reading who don’t agree exactly, know that its ok to disagree. It’s ok to have a different perspective of you wish. Love to you all, I hope this message helps anyone who reads. Peace.

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