Love Is Forever by Danny

Hello everyone! As promised from his last post, Danny sent me another post that he wanted to share. Enjoy! Disclaimer: I did go through and edit this before posting for any grammatical errors, but did not change the content of the writing. 


Greetings everybody, I hope everyone is having a decent time as we all are all anxiously waiting for the last couple weeks before Christmas to pass. Christmas is the time of year where a lot of families get together, open gifts, eat a lot of delicious foods, and enjoy each other’s company by making memories; however, not all people celebrate this holiday like this. For some people, they may not exactly believe in celebrating this holiday like you and I, but then there are some people who choose not to celebrate Christmas like they used to, because it brings back way too many memories with the loved ones they have lost. What I am hoping to express and reflect from this post is an eye opener for everyone to try and be thankful for everyone in their lives who they cherish.

The thing about it is, tomorrow really is never promised for everyone, you guys. I myself, have learned the hard way twice within the year 2016 that you should every so often take a moment to contact everyone you cherish, and just tell them you love them. I mean think about it, any person can be healthy, athletic, etc. but then suddenly, you get a call from another friend, and you are being informed that friend has passed away. Naturally, all your memories with that person begin to fly through your mind, and you feel completely numb, and empty inside because you feel that piece of you has been taken from you. I don’t want anybody to feel sorry for me, because I know that with time, I will be okay.

What I do want, is for as many people possible who read this, to stop and think about when it was the last time they told everyone they love and cherish how much they really do love them, and are grateful they are in their life. Does it make you a bad person for not doing this all the time? Of course not! Everyone does have busy lifestyles, families of their own, etc. that sometimes just makes you not always think about sharing all your love. The important fact to remember from this post, is to just remember that tomorrow is never promised for anybody no matter how healthy they are to you. No matter how angry you are, no matter how far away you live apart, etc., tell everyone you love them. But also, remember, don’t obsess and dwell on the fact that tomorrow is never promised, for then you will not live your life to the absolute fullest.

As Christmas day arrives, even if you can’t see or hear them, all those you loved will be there within your heart to celebrate with you. For myself, I believe that until the day comes where we all will meet again face to face. No matter how much my heart aches missing them, their souls will linger within my heart, giving me the strength to keep walking my path until my deeds are complete. This same exact statement also applies to all of you who read this. If you have a different insight, or belief towards this, know that it’s perfectly okay to do so, for everyone’s beliefs are different. If everything was always the exact same, then we probably wouldn’t ever learn or have new paths to look at. Weather it’s family, friends, etc., tell them you love them no matter what’s going on between you.

Before I wrap this post up, I would like to thank Scott Stearns himself and all my other friends for all your support you gave me as I have walked across this rough path. I love you all, everything is going to be okay.

My final piece of advice, it’s okay to miss them, it’s okay to shed a few tears, but it’s not okay to let the death of a loved one stop you from enjoying the things you love in life, for you all know they would tell you the same exact thing if they could… also think, you would tell them the same exact thing if the circumstance was switched around, right? All my love to everyone who reads this post, I do hope this helps you if you needed it. Peace.

Picture credit: AZQuotes

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