My Trending Stories

mts1Hello everyone!

Just wanted to share some exciting news! My Trending Stories has reached out to me and asked me to be an author on their website. I’ve accepted, and have posted my very first article. You can go check that out here!

This does not mean I am going to quit writing here. In fact, I will post my better blog posts here, and this will remain active.

However, I will be posting over there as well.  Here is a link to my bio page, where you can follow me on My Trending Stories to get everything I write as I publish it.

One thought on “My Trending Stories

  1. MyTrendingStories seem to be contacting a lot of bloggers. I was contacted in Summer 2016 and I was really excited. However, no matter how much effort I put into writing articles, sharing them and trying to draw attention to my content, it went almost completely unnoticed. I found the site tricky to navigate and use – people trying to comment on my articles and couldn’t, and shared their frustrations with me. I stopped writing articles in around September time, and I haven’t yet written anything else on there. I’m definitely sticking to WordPress for now. I just thought I’d share my experience; I hope you have a better one!

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