Quality over Quantity 

Today I would like to talk briefly about quality over quantity. I find it interesting how our views change from being a kid to an adult. As a kid, the more I had of something the better it was. It could have been the crappiest thing on the market, if I had multiple, it was great!

Now, as an adult, I see the benefits of quality. My patience has grown. Instead of rushing out to get the newest and greatest, I’ve learned to wait for the next generation so the kinks are all worked out. 

I feel like the same can be said for friends. In grade school, we want everyone to like us and be our friend. The more friends we had, the more popular we were, the better off we were. This can even go on into middle school and high school. 

For me it wasn’t until the last couple years I’ve started to learn that the amount of friends I had didn’t matter if the quality of a fiend they all were was horrible. I cut myself down to a handful of quality friends, rather than two handfuls of friends who only wanted something.

So, I challenge you to take a look at your life. Are the friends you have quality, or are they only there so you can say you have a lot of friends? Are they there because they care and want the best for you, or just because you do nice things for them? Take these things into account. It does matter.

Thanks you so much for reading this today. Feel free to check me out on Twitter & Instagram (@scottiepotamus). I am also on Periscope (scottiepotamus). 

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