Hello every one, I hope 2017 is going great for you all. I want to thank everyone who has read my last post. To anyone who may be concerned, understandably, let me give you a sort of life update, if you will.

I posted my last post in a really bad state of mind. I was depressed, and it was getting the best of me at that moment. Since then, I’ve been to Denver, and picked up a friend who is like a brother to me, and he’s been staying with me. It’s been nice having someone to constantly talk to. Really helpful, actually.

I bought myself a new laptop yesterday, one I’ve been wanting for years. Good specs, runs fast, and will allow me to edit video easier for YouTube. Things right now are going okay. I’m still out of work on disability, seeing my doctor regularly. He’s been talking with my insurance to get the approval for continuing it, since they stopped it on December 18th. I did call them before that date to let them know I’d need an extension, and it’s been a bunch of hoops we’ve had to jump through.

Other than all of that, there is not much going on with my life. I’m still kind of down. But I’m hanging in there. I’m hoping once the year starts kicking off more and I’m allowed to go back to work, my spirits will lift a little bit.

Until next time guys, thanks for reading!

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