I Made It.

Hello all. I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted on here. For those who read my blog, everyone knows the last few months have been challenging. I hurt my lower back, and couldn’t go to work. My insurance company stopped paying me short term disability after a couple of weeks, even though my doctor said I needed to be off work longer. 

I ran out of food on countless occasions, but with the help of a really great friend, I made it through. In that time, I acquired a roommate. A friend, who’s more like a brother, ran into some difficult times, and lost his father. He moved in with me. 

Since November, I’ve learned a lot. I turned another year older. I have felt lower than I ever have before. I got put back onto anti-depressants. But I am here to simply say…
…I made it.

I go back to work on Sunday. My roommate had a decent job in construction. I may be acquiring another roommate soon. We have been able to pull together and get bills paid, and put food on our table. 

So to those struggling and feeling down and lost, just know you aren’t alone. Just hang in there and know that you can make it, too.

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