Garth Brooks: The Ultimate Collection

Happy Friday!

Today has been a fairly great day. Granted, spending most of that not feeling the greatest kind of led it off with a bad start, but a trip to Target made it better!

I went and purchased the new boxed set from Garth Brooks, featuring 10 discs with some new music, and one of those discs being the new album, Gunslinger. I will say that I was nervous when buying this boxed set, mainly because I was afraid it’d be the same old repeats of previous boxed sets I’ve purchased of Garth’s, and let me tell you folks, I own them all. But this boxed set, after getting it home, feels different.

Yes, don’t get me wrong. It DOES have songs that many of us already have imported into our iTunes libraries. However, my favorite album in this boxed set, besides the new album, is The Road.

the-road-finalThe Road features live recordings, and yes, most are on the original Double Live that was released in the 90’s. However, it does have some new live recordings, and some are the recordings I’ve been waiting about 10 years for. In Another’s Eyes, New York State of Mind, American Pie, and One Night a Day. These songs live are some of the best songs, and I love to be able to play them on my iPod during a love drive.


The new album, is another topic. Gunslinger features some of the best songs, in my opinion, that Garth has recorded to date. It opens up very nicely with a 9-1-1 recording, and ends with a powerful duet version of Friends in Low Places (only to be found on the boxed set version of this album). But let me tell you my top 3 favorite songs, thus far, on Gunslinger.

Ask Me How I Know is a very great song, in my opinion. It’s about a guy who’s giving advice on how you are looking for a woman, and once you find her you’ll be begging her to stay. That’s the main story of the song, that I have taken from it.

He Really Loves You is a strong ballad. Tells a great story of a man who thinks his loved ones car was involved in a crash. I don’t want to spoil it, but it’s a must listen on this album.

8teen was described as a song that has hidden meanings that Garth’s truest fans would catch. And it is just that. Very cool listen, and very fun to see if you can catch everything.

All the other songs on the album are fantastic and very Garth. If you’re a Garth Brooks fan, I recommend either getting this boxed set to get this album, or wait until Black Friday when it comes out on it’s own. Remember that version will not feature the 25th anniversary edition of Friends in Low Places.

Otherwise, I rate this entire boxed set a 10/10. That is my opinion. I’m very excited about this boxed set and what it contains, and would make a very sweet gift to any Garth fan, or even country music fan, who have not already purchased this themselves. It is available right now for $29.99 at Target right now.

Garth Brooks: The Ultimate Collection


Garth Brooks is releasing another box set, everyone! This time it is a 10-disc boxed set, that includes his new 2016 album, Gunslinger. The new album will be released on it’s own around Black Friday at all retailers. However, there are a few details that have been released about the new boxed set which might make the hardcore Garth fans want to go pick up this exclusive Target bundle.

As stated before, the boxed set is set to release with 10-discs, containing some un-released material from Garth, including the new album and a few covers he has done that he has not released. On the boxed set version of Gunslinger, it includes a star-studded version of Friends in Low Places including the likes of George Strait, Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line, and Keith Urban. This was done for the 25th anniversary of the song, and the album it was originally released on, No Fences.

The rest of the boxed set, I will post details down below. If you pre-order from Target, the first 50,000 copies will come with the new Garth-Trisha Christmas album for free. The boxed set itself is set at a price of $29.99 from Target, and is available at

Track Listings (from

Old School – This album takes you back, not only to where it all started, but to how it all started for Garth
1.Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)
2. If Tomorrow Never Comes
3. 1982
5.Longneck Bottle
6.Two Of A Kind, Workin’ On A Full House
7.Good Ol’ Boys Like Me
8.Amos Moses
9.That Ol’ Wind
10.Alabama Clay
11.White Lightning
12.Don’t Close Your Eyes

Midnight Fire – Get ready for the most powerful playlist when it comes to passion
2.The Red Strokes
3.She’s Every Woman
4.What She’s Doing Now
5.In Another’s Eyes (The Duet with Trisha Yearwood)
6.One Night a Day
7.A Friend to Me
9.Victim Of The Game
10.Which One of Them
11.More Than A Memory
12.To Make You Feel My Love

Cowboys – Get ready for the most powerful playlist when it comes to passion
1.Good Ride Cowboy
3.That Girl Is A Cowboy
4.Rodeo Or Mexico
5.Night Rider’s Lament
6.My Baby No Esta Aqui
7.Cowgirl’s Saddle
8.Cowboy Bill
9.Midnight Sun
10.Rodeo And Juliet
11.In Lonesome Dove
12.The Cowboy Song

The Road – This one-time 2-Disc package captures the live feel and sounds of Garth at some of the biggest shows in music history
Disc One
1.Standing Outside The Fire
4.If Tomorrow Never Comes
5.That Summer
6.In Another’s Eyes (Duet With Trisha Yearwood)
7.Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)
8.Unanswered Prayers
9.Longneck Bottle
10.One Night A Day
11.To Make You Feel My Love
12.Wrapped Up In You (Featuring Keb Mo)
13.The River
14.American Pie (Featuring Don McLean)

Disc Two
1.The Thunder Rolls (The Long Version)
2.Two Of A Kind, Workin’ On A Full House
3.Two Piña Coladas
4.More Than A Memory
5.Good Ride Cowboy
6.Wild As The Wind (Duet With Trisha Yearwood)
7.Working For A Living (The Duet With Huey Lewis In LA)
8.It’s Your Song
9.New York State Of Mind (The Duet With Billy Joel)
10.Midnight Sun
11.The Dance

Anthems – The soundtrack to our most courageous and important moments
1.The Dance
2.Standing Outside The Fire
3.Unanswered Prayers
4.Thicker Than Blood
5.How You Ever Gonna Know
6.The Change
7.Belleau Wood
8.People Loving People
9.The River
11.Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream
12.When You Come Back To Me Again

The Covers – Garth’s rendition of some of the greatest songs in music history
1.Against The Wind
2.Sweet Home Alabama
3.Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me
4.Mrs. Robinson
5.Midnight Train To Georgia
6.(Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay
7.Hard Luck Woman (With Kiss)
8.Who’ll Stop The Rain
9.Wild World
10.All Right Now
11.Drift Away
12.Goodnight Saigon

RPMs – A collection of some of the best driving songs for a windows-down, get-away road trip
1.Against The Grain
2.She’s Tired Of Boys
4.Addicted To Love
5.Cold Like That
6.You Move Me
8.Don’t Cross The River
9.I’ll Be The Wind
10.Doctor My Eyes
11.Working For A Living (The Duet With Huey Lewis)
12.Do What You Gotta Do

Turn It Up – Powerful, classic sing-a-longs songs

1.The Thunder Rolls
2.That Summer
3.You Wreck Me
4.Why Ain’t I Running
5.Wrapped Up In You
6.I’d Rather Have Nothing
7.Allison Miranda
8.Black Water
9.Midnight Train
10.Dixie Chicken
11.Man Against Machine
12.Two Piña Coladas

Gunslinger – The new album that is pretty much ‘all Garth’
1.Honky-Tonk Somewhere
3.Ask Me How I Know
4.Baby, Let’s Lay Down And Dance
5.He Really Loves You
6.Whiskey To Wine
8.Pure Adrenaline
10.SugarCane (Target Exclusive)
11.Cowboys and Friends
12.Friends In Low Places (Target Exclusive)

Garth Brooks streaming on Amazon Music

Today was exciting news for me! But before I get any further, there may be something you should know about me. I am a HUGE Garth Brooks fan. At 23 years old, only being a kid when Garth came around the world the first time, I have been a big fan for over 10 years now.

That being said, today Garth Brooks and Amazon announced a partnership to stream Garth’s music for the first time ever! To those who don’t know, Garth hasn’t been in the digital game much, and has been missing out on a lot of sales and publicity because of it. Now, reading around my favorite forum,, a lot of fans either are happy to have Garth in the streaming game at all, or wish he’d have chosen Apple Music over Amazon.

My thought? I am happy that Garth is in the game at all. I am also an avid user of Amazon, and that may sway me a little to liking this more than the average person, who uses Spotify or Apple Music to stream music. I will not be streaming Garth’s music, however, because I already own everything he has put out, including both original box sets, the Blame It All On My Roots box set, the Entertainer DVD set, and the newest album, Man Against Machine. Needless to say, I do not need to stream Garth’s music.

For those who may be Garth fans, but are not interested in buying all of his albums to get one song, this may be a good alternative for you. Unfortunately, you will not, at this time, be able to buy the songs alone, you have to purchase the entire album. That is Garth’s doing, and I don’t foresee that changing anytime soon.

As far as I can tell, not ALL of Garth’s albums are available to stream quite yet. However, the Double Live album and the new single are available to stream right now. I will post the announcement video below from Amazon Music’s YouTube page.