Sleeping During School…I say YES!

Hello everyone, hope your day is going well. I recently ran into an article from a local news station here who shared a story that interested me.

Apparently there is a high school in New Mexico that is allowed their students to take 20 minute naps in between classes. Some people may think this is a bad idea, but I believe it’s a good idea, let me tell you why!

I graduated high school in 2011, and I tell you I didn’t sleep all that well most of the time. If they had this available to me, I’d probably have been more rested and have done better in my classes. They say teens should get anywhere from 8-10 hours of sleep every night. I never got that much sleep…I still don’t! I take naps all the time now during the day and it has helped me a lot. 

Before you judge it, think of the good things that could come of this. It can help students with anxiety maybe not feel so anxious. In high school if I could take a small nap before taking a test, I’d probably have done a lot better. Especially when it came to math. 

If you’re interested, check out the original article I read below.

I Made It.

Hello all. I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted on here. For those who read my blog, everyone knows the last few months have been challenging. I hurt my lower back, and couldn’t go to work. My insurance company stopped paying me short term disability after a couple of weeks, even though my doctor said I needed to be off work longer. 

I ran out of food on countless occasions, but with the help of a really great friend, I made it through. In that time, I acquired a roommate. A friend, who’s more like a brother, ran into some difficult times, and lost his father. He moved in with me. 

Since November, I’ve learned a lot. I turned another year older. I have felt lower than I ever have before. I got put back onto anti-depressants. But I am here to simply say…
…I made it.

I go back to work on Sunday. My roommate had a decent job in construction. I may be acquiring another roommate soon. We have been able to pull together and get bills paid, and put food on our table. 

So to those struggling and feeling down and lost, just know you aren’t alone. Just hang in there and know that you can make it, too.

When life gets hard…

Hello everyone, and happy Saturday.

I know it has been a couple minutes since I have posted an actual blog post on here. So I figured I’d come back and write about something I’ve been experiencing lately.

What can you do when life gets hard? That is a question I’ve been asking myself lately. Since I have hurt my back in November, I haven’t been able to work. I’ve been seeing a chiropractor, and my short-term disability insurance decided his medical documentation wasn’t good enough, so they denied my claim, about a month and a half after I asked for an extension on my original claim.

Currently I am waiting on the appeal to go through and hopefully they reconsider. However, because they haven’t been paying me short-term disability, I’ve maxed out all of my credit cards paying bills to stay afloat. I’m also on the verge of losing my insurance, because I get it through work, and haven’t been working for them to pull money out of my check.

The last week has been different than the rest. I went a saw a physician for my back. She took x-rays, and found some deformation in my lower back. I am starting physical therapy on Monday. I have also started anti-depressants again. The last time I took them I was in high school. This is all for the better.

So, here’s my advice if you yourself are going through something hard in life. Hang in there. Don’t give up, keep on going. Talk to your friends and family. They love you and will help you as much as you can. If you have issues with being able to pay electric and heat, see if you can get some energy assistance. It never hurts to apply.

Life can be mean to us sometimes. Don’t let it get you down. Just hang in there. It does get better.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter, @scottiepotamus, if you need someone to talk to. I will answer back as much as I can.

If you’d like to help me, please visit my GoFundMe. Any donation is greatly appreciated. I give you a thank you in advance. You can read my story on why I created a GoFundMe on the GoFundMe site, or click here to go to a blog post from the other day.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a great day!

A Story of Hope – My GoFundMe story

Hello all,I am here today doing something I’ve never liked to do. I am asking for help. Let me explain my story.
On November 20, 2016, I woke up and could not get out of bed. Something was wrong with my lower back. I immediately called a chiropractor here in Omaha, and he has been working with me since.
Because of the issue with my back, I was not able to go to work. I applied for short-term disability through my works life insurance provider, The Hartford. They approved me from November 20th – December 17th, 2016. They told me if I needed to file for an extension, to let them know. A couple days before the 17th, I had realized I was not ready to go back yet. My back wasn’t completely working with me and not letting me sit down for long periods of time, which is required at my job.
Needless to say, I asked for an extension and they sent my chiropractor work release papers. He literally had to fax them a letter saying I was not ready to go back to work. 
They then called me and said they needed my medcial records. My chiropractor doesn’t type them, he hand writes them. So he had to type them for The Hartford, which took around a week. Their deadline was January 6th, 2017, they called and told us they needed this paperwork literally a couple days before hand. They recieved the requested medical records on January 11, 2017.
On January 30th, 2017, The Hartford calls me and tells me they’ve denied my claim. They said there was no medical documentation that I am in pain, and that my pain is subjective. They did let me know I have the right to appeal, which on February 7th, I have. 
On February 6th, I went to consult with a physician here in Omaha. She requested X-Rays of my lower back. On the X-Rays she had said she saw some deformation of my lower back and requested I start physical thereapy. Also, because of the situation, she said it would be beneficial to start me on anti-depressants.
I found out on February 8th, that I need to pay my medical insurance provider that I recieve through work, around $386 for one month, or they are going to discontinue my benefits. 
Without my benefits, I can’t recieve any of the things the doctor would like me to do, including physical thereapy and anti-depressants.
The funds that are raised here will be used towards medcial expenses, as well as helping me get back on my feet. It will go towards rent, so I don’t lose my apartment. It will go towards food, so I don’t starve. It will go towards back paying my electric company so they won’t shut off my heat. It will also go towards legal advice, as I prepare to take legal action against The Hartford if they deny my appeal.
I don’t ask for a lot, so I appreciate any help anyone can give. 
Thank you in advance.
Please visit to donate! Also, please share and help me get my word out there.

Alone (Poem)

You are my brother

You are my friend

We’ve been there each other

Over and over again 

I’ve rescued you

From a life without a home

You’ve rescued me

Gave me a place where I felt I belong 

No matter what was said

It can be taken back

No matter what was done

It was the truth we lacked

No matter the blood that was shed

You’ll always have a home

From everything that I said

You’ll never be alone

I love you

I hope you understand

We have two different views 

This wasn’t in my plans

You saved me

From a life of misery

I saved you 

From repeating your history 

No matter what was said

It can be taken back

No matter what was done

It was the truth we lacked

No matter the blood that was shed

You’ll always have a home

From everything that I said

Remember you’ll never be alone

Kind of making things simple…

Hello everyone!

I’ve decided to make everything a bit more simple.

Instead of having a social media titled “A Scott Stearns Blog” everywhere, I’ve decided to just connect you guys with my personal stuff, excluding my personal Facebook profile. For that, I created a new Facebook page titled “Scott Stearns.”

Simple enough, yeah?

Here are the links to my social media!



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